Rigorous research
& analysis
with impact
Inter-sectoral partnerships Action-oriented
  • We do a deep-dive into each topic, highlighting key issues and exposing existing gaps and areas for change.
  • All of our work is relevant, jargon-free and influential. Everything we do is available in the public domain.
  • We are the trusted link between a wide range of stakeholders from across the health sector - from patients, policymakers and clinicians to the voluntary and private sector.
  • We don't stop at the report. We think about implementation, and work with different stakeholders to create targeted solutions that drive change.

Countries where we are engaged in projects

The UK has western Europe's highest rate of #obesity, and #ChildhoodObesity is a particular problem. What are policymakers doing to tackle this escalating #health crisis? bit.ly/blog-obesity pic.twitter.com/MPgb6wcaQ7