The Heart Failure Policy Network

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Heart Failure
Key partners and stakeholders:

iHHUb - the international patient heart failure alliance

ESNO - the European Specialist Nurse Organisation

HOPE - the European Hosptial and Healthcare Federation

Signature output:
HF Policy Toolkit

About this project

The Health Policy Partnership acts as Secretariat to European Heart Failure Policy Network (HFPN), an independent, multidisciplinary platform whose goal is to raise awareness of the unmet needs surrounding heart failure and its care. We are proud to count on 31 Members, each senior and highly influential figures in 13 EU countries.

Heart failure (HF) affects one in five people in their lifetimes and carries a high human and economic cost. Yet few governments have recognised its strategic significance, and health outcomes for people living with HF remain unacceptable.

What we’ve done, and what next:

On the 29th September 2015 (World Heart Day), members and supporters of the Network gathered in the European Parliament to launch the Call to Action on heart failure, and the Heart Failure Policy Toolkit.

In 2016/17 the Network led a European Parliament Written Declaration on Heart Failure, working closely with MEPs, NGOs and patient organisations. Written Declaration 110/2016 closed on the 24th of January  with 234 signatures, marking the end of one of the largest ever political campaigns on heart failure. For more on the campaign, please see our outcomes report.

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The Network is supported through grants from Novartis Pharma and St Jude Medical. All Members donate their time for free, and editorial control rests with Secretariat and the Members.

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