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We are a specialist health policy research organisation. Our work drives policy and system changes to help resolve the most complex issues facing health systems today.

Research, people, action


Our work is structured around three core components:

  • Research: we provide rigorous health policy research and analysis, ensuring credibility of all our outputs
  • People: we work closely with different stakeholders and present a multi-partner perspective on key issues and solutions
  • Action: we focus on actions that deliver impact

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Healthcare Research Partnership The Health Policy Partnership. Developing International credible resources inform policymakers about key health issues across the globe.

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Featured project

Lung cancer in Europe: accelerating opportunities to improve survival

Hear from patient advocates, clinicians and screening leads from across Europe as they discuss the current landscape of lung cancer treatment and how we can transform EU-level recommendations for lung cancer screening into firm actions.

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Who we are

We are experts in translating research into a case for change

We are health policy specialists with expertise in research, writing, editing and communications. We analyse the evidence and bring together all relevant stakeholders to build consensus on the key issues facing our health systems today – and we build this into a compelling narrative to improve policy for the benefit of patients.

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International healthcare policy research and healthcare change

Recent publications

Manifesto for the future of cardiomyopathy care

Manifesto for the future of cardiomyopathy care

Increasing the earlier detection of lung cancer: a toolbox for change

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Increasing the earlier detection of lung cancer: a toolbox for change

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