Case study: bespoke policy training for a life sciences company

Drawing on our experience of establishing multi-stakeholder alliances and engaging with policymakers, HPP supported a life sciences company to upskill colleagues in building successful policy partnerships.


Advances in health policy are best achieved through collaboration and co-creation among key stakeholders. Companies in the life sciences sector often engage and partner with other actors – including patients, healthcare professionals, academics and more – to achieve shared goals. However, implementation of such partnerships is complex – both internally (requiring cross-functional alignment and appropriate compliance) and externally (in terms of ensuring credibility and sustainability). This training was developed to build internal guidance on these topics.


HPP was commissioned by a large life sciences company to develop an internal toolkit on setting up and maintaining policy partnerships with external stakeholders. The toolkit outlined a stepwise approach, with detailed guidance on topics such as securing internal buy-in, ensuring transparent governance and effectively engaging all relevant stakeholders in co-creation. We worked closely with colleagues at the life sciences company to include case studies of existing policy partnerships that had been successful. We also developed a bespoke training programme based on the toolkit, which we delivered through multiple online sessions to colleagues from across the company.


The life sciences company rolled out the internal toolkit alongside the training sessions, which were delivered by an HPP Managing Director. Senior colleagues at the company described the content as ‘robust, adaptable and engaging’, and reported that the training and toolkit were well-received by colleagues across the company. The toolkit is still in use and has proven to be a valuable tool for colleagues at the life sciences company in their collaboration with external stakeholders on health policy partnerships.

HPP brings a unique blend of topic expertise, sensitivity to the position of industry when initiating external partnerships, and extensive experience in working in multi-stakeholder initiatives.

Director of Global Public Policy, life sciences company