European Heart Journal publishes peer-reviewed paper from HPP on heart valve disease

12 November 2021

The European Heart Journal Open has published the article ‘Creating a better patient journey for patients with heart valve disease, written by a multidisciplinary  group of experts including HPP Managing Director Suzanne Wait. The peer-reviewed paper sets out recommendations for an improved patient pathway for heart valve disease.

Heart valves control the direction of blood flow around the heart and body. Heart valve disease occurs when one or more of these valves are not working as they should. Owing to the rising prevalence of heart valve disease (which has been referred to as ‘the next cardiac epidemic’), it is ever more important that people living with the condition are given the opportunity to live longer, better lives.

The ideal patient pathway set out in the article comprises: early detection and diagnosis, timely intervention using the most appropriate approach, person-centred follow-up care, and patient engagement, education and empowerment. This final step includes addressing the psychological dimension of receiving a heart valve disease diagnosis.

The paper was developed following a project on which HPP partnered with the Global Heart Hub in 2020. It was authored by Marta Sitges, Britt Borregaard, Ruggero De Paulis, Paul Nolan, Wil Woan, Keith Pearce, Jens Näumann, Neil Johnson and Suzanne Wait. Click below to view the it on the journal’s website:
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Find out more about HPP’s work with the Global Heart Hub on heart valve disease here.