HPP establishes a clearer picture of national cardiovascular disease strategies in new think piece

13 July 2022

The Health Policy Partnership (HPP) is pleased to publish a new think piece which aims to shed light on inspiring national responses to cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Tackling CVD could provide an opportunity for tangible progress as health systems seek to rebuild and strengthen following the COVID-19 pandemic. Many national cardiovascular disease plans are limited, however, and those that exist are often out of date.

Finding inspiration within prominent national cardiovascular disease plans identifies nine prominent examples of national CVD plans from around the world, as well as eleven centrally led, government-backed efforts to address CVD. Drawing on analysis of these plans and interviews with experts in cardiovascular health, HPP proposes three essential areas for governments to consider:

  1. Clear commitments for implementation and investment
  2. Political vision founded on a clear assessment of the current environment and context
  3. Harnessing the power of data research and innovation to transform the health system

‘Regrettably, CVD plans too infrequently address the challenges of their implementation and what is required to meet their objectives, such as adequate time and resource, and a dedicated budget to cover the necessary costs and workforce requirements.’

Professor Huon Gray CBE, NHS England


We hope that this think piece will catalyse an essential debate on what greater political leadership in cardiovascular disease might look like. Read it below:
Download the think piece


Find out more about HPP’s work in this area and the Thought Leadership Forum on Cardiovascular Disease on our project page.