HPP launches German translation of cloud technology report at digital health conference

11 April 2024

The Health Policy Partnership has published a German translation of a report on cloud technology in healthcare to coincide with DMEA 2024, a major digital health event.

The report, a translation of Our health in the cloud: exploring the evolving role of cloud technology in healthcare, was discussed during a session at DMEA on ‘Security in the cloud’. The event is described as Europe’s leading conference for digital health, with more than 16,000 delegates coming together in Berlin to hear from expert speakers on a range of topics around digitalisation of healthcare.

Our health in the cloud was developed in collaboration with the European Institute for Innovation through Health Data and leading experts. It explores the role of cloud technology in healthcare in the context of policy priorities including health equity, person-centred care, health system sustainability and investment in innovation.

This latest translation means the report is now available in four languages: English, French, German and Turkish.

For more information about this work, please visit the project page.

Download the German translation