Updates on what’s happening at HPP, including project launches, events and publications.

International guidance on shaping fracture prevention policy acknowledges HPP as contributor

HPP's work has contributed to the development of new international guidance from the Capture the Fracture® Partnership.

HPP presents at global summit on health system sustainability and resilience

HPP Managing Directors Suzanne Wait and Ed Harding presented at the global summit of the Partnership for Health System Sustainability and Resilience on 16 March.

Heart Failure Policy Network launches project exploring policy and practice

This new report outlines urgent actions needed to improve the lives of people living with heart failure in Europe.

Animated film showcases projects that support people with depression

HPP has produced a new animation for the ongoing Words to Actions initiative, which is working to address the growing prevalence of depression in Europe.

New think piece considers impact of COVID-19 on health and social care

HPP has published a new think piece which explores how health and social care systems can be adapted in the wake of COVID-19.

HPP enters informal partnership with Marking Public Affairs

HPP is delighted to announce a new partnership with Marking Public Affairs.

HPP hands over All.Can secretariat as initiative becomes legal entity

All.Can International has been formally incorporated as a not-for-profit association in Belgium and HPP has stepped down as secretariat to the initiative.

COVID-19: A message to all our colleagues, from The Health Policy Partnership

HPP remains open for business (via remote working) and hugely grateful to all those who are working tirelessly to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and save people’s lives.

Radioligand therapy project publishes journal editorial and conference poster

HPP has published a journal editorial and conference poster as part of its ongoing project on radioligand therapy.

Focus brief highlights osteoporosis and fragility fractures as a priority for healthy ageing

HPP has produced a focus brief highlighting the importance of osteoporosis and fragility fractures as a priority for healthy ageing.

Radioligand therapy project launched at European Parliament

HPP has launched new work on radioligand therapy, an innovative type of cancer treatment, including a policy report and animated video.

Life-course vaccination article published in peer-reviewed journal

A peer-reviewed commentary co-authored by members of the HPP team has been published in Vaccine.

All.Can patient survey findings launched

The All.Can initiative, for which HPP acts as secretariat, has launched the findings of its international patient survey.

Heart Failure Policy Network presents handbook at event in Lisbon

HPP has presented work from the Heart Failure Policy Network at an event hosted by AADIC – the Portuguese Association of Support for Patients with Heart Failure.

HPP presents early findings from multiple sclerosis project

HPP has revealed early findings from a new project on multiple sclerosis in partnership with the European Brain Council.

New report outlines policy priorities to improve access to genetic testing for BRCA mutations

HPP has launched a report on genetic testing for BRCA mutations, developed in collaboration with a group of expert contributors from across Europe.

Heart failure pledge campaign launches in run-up to European Parliament elections

The Heart Failure Policy Network has co-developed a new campaign calling on MEPs and European Parliamentary candidates to pledge their support for improving the lives of EU citizens with heart failure.

Radiotherapy animation launched for World Cancer Day

An animation highlighting the benefits of radiotherapy has been launched as part of The Health Policy Partnership's work with the Marie Curie Legacy Campaign.

First findings of All.Can patient survey revealed in UK

The All.Can initiative has revealed the first findings from its patient survey at an event at the UK Parliament.

Radiotherapy is undervalued across Europe, says new white paper

HPP has led on the development of a white paper on radiotherapy, on behalf of the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO) and the ESTRO Cancer Foundation.

‘Vaccination: a life-long approach’ animation launched

HPP is excited to reveal a new animation: 'Vaccination: a life-long approach'

HPP heads to Gastein to host sessions on cancer care and life‑course vaccination

HPP is organising two sessions at this year’s European Health Forum Gastein, Europe’s leading health policy conference.

New report outlines steps needed to eliminate viral hepatitis in Indonesia

HPP has worked with CEVHAP on a situation analysis of viral hepatitis in Indonesia, launched on World Hepatitis Day 2018.

Life-course vaccination project launches with open letter to DG‑SANTE

HPP has launched a project focusing on how a life-course approach to vaccination can be incorporated into vaccination policies across Europe.

Coalition for Life-course Immunisation announces HPP as collaborator

HPP has been announced as an external collaborator by the new Coalition for Life-course Immunisation (CLCI).

Sarcoma Policy Checklist developed into peer-reviewed paper for BMC Cancer

HPP has authored an article published this month in the peer-reviewed journal BMC Cancer.

Heart Failure Policy Network seeks information on multidisciplinary and integrated care

The Heart Failure Policy Network has launched a call for information on multidisciplinary and integrated care in heart failure.

All.Can kicks off 2018 with new outputs and workstreams

The All.Can initiative has made a strong start to 2018, launching a progress report, an animation, and two new pieces of large-scale research.

International Bureau for Epilepsy disseminates toolkit on prolonged convulsive seizures

An interactive toolkit on prolonged convulsive seizures, created by HPP, has been featured on the International Bureau for Epilepsy website.

Eurohealth magazine prints All.Can article ahead of European Health Forum Gastein

HPP has contributed to an article in the latest issue of Eurohealth exploring how All.Can, a multi-stakeholder initiative, is calling for greater efficiency in cancer care through novel partnerships.

HPP unveils posters at ESMO 2017 Congress

HPP will display posters from two cancer-related projects at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) 2017 Congress, a major event for oncology professionals in Europe.

HPP contributes to new publications in cancer journals

HPP has led on the authorship of two recent peer-reviewed articles in prestigious cancer journals – the European Journal of Cancer and the Journal of Cancer Policy.
HF Policy Network logo

Heart failure report launched to mark awareness day

The Heart Failure Policy Network has launched a new summary report – The clinical management of heart failure: What is the state of play in Europe? – to mark Heart Failure Awareness Day 2017.

Sarcoma Policy Checklist launched at European Parliament

Leading representatives from patient organisations, clinical experts and industry launched a new Sarcoma Policy Checklist, which offers policymakers 5 key areas of focus to improve the lives of patients with sarcoma across Europe.

All.Can – new cancer policy initiative launched at ECCO Congress

HPP will act as Secretariat for All.Can, a new policy initiative working to improve efficiency in cancer care and engage decision makers.

236 MEPs call on European Commission to take action on Heart Failure

Written Declaration 110/2016 on Heart Failure closed on 24 January 2016 with 236 MEP signatures. Its closing marks the end of one of the largest political campaigns ever on heart failure in Europe.

Launch of the Middle East and North Africa Heart Failure Roadmap

HPP has launched a ground-breaking policy report on heart failure in the Middle East and North Africa and call for action from governments and health system leaders.

MEPs and HF Policy Network launch Written Declaration on Heart Failure

20 MEPs have pledged their support to a new Written Declaration on Heart Failure in the European Parliament, marking one of most significant dedicated policy actions in Europe yet for heart failure.

Publication of Hepatitis paper in the Lancet Gastroenterology and Hepatology

A publication by Suzanne Wait, Emily Kell (formerly with HPP) and leading hepatitis experts from South East and East Asia has been published online on the Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology.

Metastatic breast cancer report launched by leading national stakeholders in Mexico

HPP has co-authored a new policy report on metastatic breast cancer with senior stakeholders the Mexican National Cancer Institute (INCan) and other leading national figures.

HPP international keynote at Australian Future of Aged Care Summit

HPP will provide the international keynote address to the Australian Future of Aged Care Summit, Sydney, 30 August - 1 September 2016.

World Heart Federation event at WHA 2016

HPP has joined a panel of experts in cardiovascular disease as part of the World Heart Federation event for the 69th World Health Assembly.

International College of Person-centred Medicine – 9th Geneva Conference

Ed Harding was invited to attend the ICPCM's 9th annual conference in to present findings from the 2015 report 'The state of play in person-centred care' and catalogue of key contributors.

New publication on access to immuno-oncology therapies in AJMC

HPP's Suzanne Wait has authored a new article in the American Journal of Managed Care following the publication of ‘Immuno-Oncology: a policy action framework’.

Person-centred care: directory of key contributors and global ‘state of play’ report

The Health Foundation and HPP have launched a new suite of resources in person-centred care, following a 12-month international environment scan of the field.

Launch of a patient information portal on immuno-oncology

HPP's Suzanne Wait has moderated a session at a debate on the future of lung cancer in Europe at the European Parliament.

HPP takes part in European specialist nursing summit

HPP's Ed Harding facilitated the introductory session for the first-ever European Specialist Nurses Organisation (ESNO) Summit, held in the Committee of the Regions, Brussels.
HF Policy Network logo

World Heart Day 2015: Leading figures demand urgent action on heart failure

The Heart Failure Policy Network has launched a ten-point Call to Action to help drive meaningful health policy changes in HF across Europe.

New publication on immuno-oncology in eCancer

HPP has co-authored an editorial in eCancer following the publication of 'Immuno-Oncology: a policy action framework'.

AF-related stroke workshop in Barcelona

HPP is helping put together an expert workshop on the prevention of AF-related stroke in Barcelona, hosted by the European Brain Council as part of its Year of the Brain activities.

European atlas on the prevention of AF-related stroke launched

HPP has launched an interactive report that shows the state of play in different countries across Europe on the prevention of atrial fibrillation (AF)-related stroke.

Launch at the European Parliament of the Policy Action Framework on immuno-oncology

HPP has helped launch two new resources on immuno-oncology at the European Parliament.