Rodolfo Catena

Associate Director,
Policy and Research

‘Innovation is the key to make healthcare sustainable. 

About Rodolfo

Rodolfo joined The Health Policy Partnership in December 2017 as Associate Director, Policy and Research. 

Taking the lead on a number of research projects, Rodolfo’s role at HPP has included work on cancer and cardiovascular disease. He has broad experience of working to improve the delivery of care and decrease costs by engaging stakeholders across the healthcare value chain. He has worked with hospitals across Europe, and with Medicaid and Medicare in the United States. 

Rodolfo has work and research experience from Oxford and UC Berkeley. Before joining HPP, Rodolfo worked for the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM). He has also worked for the SPHERE Institute in California. While in the United States, he developed expertise in the management and use of big data, and the application of innovative models for data mining.  

His work on improving healthcare delivery has led to publications in peer-reviewed journals and presentations at conferences in Europe and North America. He has also been part of the Value Innovation Communities Initiative to support the transition to value-based healthcare in the UK.  

Rodolfo has a Master’s in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from UC Berkeley, a doctorate from the University of Oxford – where he completed a thesis entitled ‘Essays in Health Care Operations Management’ – and two degrees from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Bologna.  

He is fluent in Italian and English.