Closing the gap between hype and hope: a new report looks at barriers to advanced diagnostics in cancer care

11 July 2024

The Health Policy Partnership (HPP), working with an expert Steering Committee, has published a report – Powering the future of cancer care with advanced diagnostics: How can we ensure health systems are ready for innovation? – about ensuring equity in access to advanced cancer diagnostics.

The term ‘advanced diagnostics’ refers to a range of groundbreaking technologies – from the precise imaging of cancer cells to mapping their molecular makeup – that are not yet widely available in clinical practice. These technologies could allow for the earlier diagnosis of cancer and the selection of more highly tailored treatments. They could also  help people avoid severe side effects from treatments that would not be effective for them.

The report examines the potential of these innovations to transform outcomes for people with cancer and outlines five priority areas for policymakers to lay the groundwork for equitable access to advanced diagnostics.

These technologies have the potential to both improve outcomes for people with cancer and boost health system efficiency. Careful planning, however, will be needed to ensure that everyone in Europe can benefit.

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