Upcoming webinar to explore the system and policy barriers that people living with hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) experience

9 January 2024

The Health Policy Partnership (HPP) is hosting a webinar titled ‘Act on HS: tackling the unmet needs of people with hidradenitis suppurativa’. This free online event will take place on 31 January 2024, 17:00–18:00 CET.

The webinar will feature a panel of healthcare professionals and patient advocates who will discuss the main barriers to care faced by people with HS and the policy actions needed to address these barriers.

HS is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that affects around 1 in 100 people globally. It can be an extremely debilitating condition, with symptoms that can affect people’s mental health and their ability to socialise, work and have relationships.

People living with HS face various barriers to best-practice care including stigma, shame and low awareness among many healthcare professionals. These barriers contribute to an average delay of 10 years in receiving an accurate diagnosis and limited access to multidisciplinary care.

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