Upcoming webinar to explore the potential of digital-first medicine information

26 March 2024

On 16 April, The Health Policy Partnership (HPP), is hosting a free webinar titled ‘Securing a more sustainable and accessible future with digitalised information on medicines’.

The event will feature experts in digital technology, medicine accessibility and environmental sustainability, who will discuss how transitioning from paper-based to electronic product information (ePI) on medicines can offer benefits for patients, healthcare professionals and wider health systems.

Information provided to people about the medicines they are taking must be accessible. However, paper leaflets can be unsuitable for many groups of people, such as those with visual impairments, low literacy skills or certain disabilities.

ePI allows medicine information to be personalised, potentially improving patient safety and health literacy, and empowering people in relation to their health. And because it uses less paper, ePI could also contribute to more efficient and environmentally sustainable health systems in future.

We hope you can join us at this event.

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This webinar was funded by AstraZeneca. For more details, please see the project page.