Our offering

Lasting multi-stakeholder alliances

HPP has considerable experience in conceptualising, setting up and leading multi-stakeholder alliances that aim to drive policy change. Our role includes:

  • identifying and recruiting members, establishing terms of reference and setting up a lasting governance structure
  • contributing to policy consultations and calls for evidence, collating input from all network members
  • acting as an intellectual hub, leading on research activities and developing policy reports and other materials
  • leading on all communications, disseminating messages via events, dedicated websites and social media


International policy reports and toolkits

HPP works closely with a wide range of experts to develop evidence-based, accessible resources to help stakeholders raise awareness of key issues and push for policy progress. These materials range from policy reports and position papers to interactive toolkits and web-based tools. The research is often further developed into peer-reviewed publications.


National-level reports

Most effective policy change happens at the national level, so country-specific advocacy resources are vital. We use our stringent methodologies to conduct national-level research, supported by interviews with country experts, to produce outputs that get to the heart of the key issues in chosen countries.



HPP develops engaging infographics to convey key messages in a concise and compelling way. These materials may be associated with larger projects/reports or standalone resources, and are often translated into multiple languages.


Resources for patient organisations

HPP works with patient organisations to develop resources including patient-facing materials and analyses of patient surveys.


Websites and social media

HPP creates and manages dedicated websites to give long-term projects an independent online home and enable sharing of resources, news updates, opinion posts and specialised content (see ‘Online hubs and interactive maps’, below). We also create and manage dedicated Twitter accounts to share key messages and drive traffic to the relevant website.


Online hubs and interactive maps

HPP has developed several best-practice hubs that showcase examples of innovation in a specific area of healthcare and/or policy. The case studies they contain are based on structured literature searches and interviews with the stakeholders involved, giving a real picture of what works on the ground. We can also create interactive maps of ongoing studies or programmes in a given field, and have done so for lung cancer screening.


Communications support

Most HPP projects include development and delivery of materials to support dissemination and stakeholder engagement, including communications plans, dissemination toolkits, suggested posts and graphical assets for social media.



HPP produces videos featuring expert vox pops (filmed remotely or in person) to convey key messages on health policy topics, and animations to explain complex issues in an engaging way. Videos are shared at conferences and in presentations, embedded on websites and disseminated via social media.


Conference posters

HPP develops scientific posters for conferences, including liaison with expert co-authors, research, drafting and design. We have exhibited posters at a number of international conferences, both live and virtually.



HPP offers an end-to-end service for policy-related events including virtual and in-person round tables, webinars, conference sessions and summits. Our work includes content development, session programming, stakeholder outreach, speaker management, development of all associated materials, and moderating and running sessions.


Internal support and strategic advice

In addition to public-facing work, HPP has supported several clients with strategic advice across multiple geographies and on a range of topics. We gain a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and use our research-based approach to provide helpful insights and support for our clients to develop feasible and tactical policy engagement strategies and initiatives.

We have also developed training resources and internal toolkits for some of the world’s largest life sciences companies. These resources aim to build knowledge of our clients’ (often cross‐functional) teams on particular topics, and provide them with helpful resources for policymaker/stakeholder engagement in these fields. We have also developed bespoke in-house training programmes, for example on developing effective policy partnerships.

As this type of work is confidential, we are unable to share examples, but for more information please read our case study on Strategy.

Our approach

We ignite policy urgency and drive change that will ultimately improve health outcomes.

We achieve this through:

  • Research and analysis you can trust
  • Lasting alliances to bring healthcare concerns to the top of the political agenda
  • Actionable policy recommendations based on expert consensus
  • Impactful communications that resonate with audiences
  • Dissemination via publications, video, events and online resources
  • Tools to engage decision-makers

We produce a vast range of materials and outputs, from policy reports to online platforms and lasting multi-stakeholder alliances.

Case studies
Our approach
I have worked with the team at HPP since 2018 and have been very impressed by their ability to distil highly complex information into meaningful and professionally presented formats for disparate audiences. This, coupled with the team’s excellent strategy skills, makes HPP a joy to find in today’s marketplace and a valued partner to us.

Matt Hickey, Founder, Intacare International and The Health Value Alliance