The Health Policy Partnership was founded in 2014 by Suzanne Wait and Ed Harding.

Having worked together for several years, Ed and Suzanne wanted to create a new, vibrant consultancy focusing on health policy research, strategy and intersectoral partnerships. HPP has since grown rapidly, building on the core research function with specialists from other areas such as editorial, communications and operations.

Our people bring insight, energy and passion to our work. We foster a collaborative environment while enabling each person to grow in their role, building on their strengths and interests. The company culture is dynamic and conscientious, and our team thrives when finding solutions to the most complex challenges.

Managing Directors

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Senior Advisory Group

HPP works with a group of external advisers who consult on key issues facing the business.

Professor Neil Bacon

Professor Neil Bacon

Professor Neil Bacon is an entrepreneur and CEO with experience across multiple sectors. Having worked as a clinician in Harvard and Oxford, he founded two innovative technology/data businesses, before transforming a global not-for-profit for the digital age. He has built and inspired teams of all sizes, from start-ups to a global healthcare charity. Neil’s focus is on human-centred innovations that improve people’s lives. He is passionate about taking brilliant digital ideas and technologies from different sectors and applying them to meet large-scale human needs and social challenges in a way that creates lasting change.

Yasmeen Majid

Yasmeen Majid

Yasmeen Majid is a business technologist, passionate about holistic business transformation that addresses the combination of people, process and technology. She specialises in collaborating with tech and tech-driven organisations in designing and delivering the improvements and innovation required to support growth and maintain relevance in an ever-evolving world. Based in the UK, Yasmeen has led significant transformations in several countries and industries, including pharma, public health, telecoms/technology and financial services. Having both delivered and consumed professional and technical services, she is sensitive to the priorities of both sides of the client relationship and its importance in delivering successful engagements.

Dr Vivek Muthu

Dr Vivek Muthu

Dr Vivek Muthu is a leader in health systems, life sciences and business management. He began his career as a doctor, before joining the British Medical Journal. He went on to found Bazian, a company dedicated to developing and servicing the needs of value-based health internationally. Having sold and integrated his business into the Economist Group to create its healthcare practice, he took executive leadership and strategic responsibility and continues to advise the business. Vivek also serves as a healthcare business consultant to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and holds several non-executive and advisory roles. He is also involved in international initiatives in health systems improvement.

Herb Riband

Herb Riband

Herb Riband is a Swiss-based independent consultant who works with a select group of multinational organisations, start-up companies, NGOs and academic professionals that are bringing innovative approaches to improving global health and healthcare delivery. In 2019, he completed a 16‑month fellowship at Stanford University’s Distinguished Careers Institute (DCI) in California, focusing on global health and healthcare innovation. Herb has had a diverse 31‑year international career with leadership roles in multinational enterprises in biotechnology (Amgen, based in Switzerland), medical technology (Medtronic, based in Switzerland), consumer goods (based in London), consulting (based in Madrid) and law/public policy (based in Washington DC).


In addition to our full-time team, we have worked with several consultants based around the world. Their broad experience and expertise enhances our capacity to produce exceptional work, complementing our skill offer and regional knowledge. Consultants currently working on HPP projects are listed below.

Shannon Boldon

Shannon is a Consultant Researcher based in Canada. She has worked on various projects and has led much of our work with All.Can international. She has a Master’s in Global Health and Development from University College London and a BSc in Biochemistry from Acadia University in Canada.

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