Building health system readiness: from research to impact

10 February 2023


When health systems are ready to respond to evolving evidence and population needs, they are more likely to be resilient to shocks and provide high-quality patient care. Although systems research can help us understand the changes needed to build readiness, transforming this research into practice is proving challenging.

We need to use practical tools to support efficient and equitable care delivery and drive evidence-based system changes. One example is assessment frameworks, which can give us a better understanding of the areas in our health systems that require adaptation while ensuring that sufficient high-quality data are collected to inform system changes.

In our joint webinar with the European Health Management Association on 2 March, we will discuss how to ensure that research findings are having an impact on our health systems. Experts who have worked to get health systems ready for a number of innovations will share their experiences with the aim of inspiring others to translate findings into action.

You can register for this event here; we hope to see you there.