Coalition for Life-course Immunisation announces HPP as collaborator

28 April 2018

The Health Policy Partnership has been announced as an external collaborator by the new Coalition for Life-course Immunisation (CLCI).

The CLCI has been established to advocate for the benefits of a life-course approach to vaccination across Europe. This means ensuring that people of all ages are vaccinated against infectious diseases, rather than restricting vaccines to specific age groups as is current practice in most healthcare systems. A life-course approach has significant benefits for public health, including the potential to combat antimicrobial resistance as fewer infections would reduce our reliance on antibiotics.

On 27 June, the CLCI will host a policy forum at the European Parliament on antimicrobial resistance and vaccines. It also plans to hold focus group meeting in Vienna on 8 December.

As part of the collaboration between HPP and the CLCI, HPP’s in-house design team created the Coalition’s logo. We look forward to further work with the CLCI in future.

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