HPP hands over All.Can secretariat as initiative becomes legal entity

14 May 2020

All.Can International has been formally incorporated as a not-for-profit association in Belgium and HPP has stepped down as secretariat to the initiative, having acted as secretariat to All.Can since its inception in late 2016.

The transition to official not-for-profit status has long been a goal of the All.Can International membership and HPP is delighted to see the initiative move into this exciting new phase. The role of secretariat has been taken on by Interel Association Management, and the HPP team has been working closely with colleagues at Interel – along with All.Can International’s new Chief Executive Officer, Eduardo Pisani – to ensure a smooth transition.

HPP will continue to lead research projects for All.Can International, working closely with members of its Research & Evidence Working Group. Flagship projects this year include the All.Can efficiency hub, an online collection of examples of best practice in improving efficiency in cancer care. As of April 2020, the efficiency hub has expanded its remit to include examples of best practice in adapting cancer care in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. HPP is also currently leading on the development of a policy paper looking at the role of data in improving efficiency in cancer care, which is due to launch in 2021.

The HPP team is delighted to see All.Can International take this major step, and to continue working with the All.Can membership on a range of exciting projects. HPP Managing Director Suzanne Wait said: ‘Being part of the development of All.Can, from a mere idea to an established, independent organisation, has been a unique opportunity for HPP and for me personally. What makes All.Can so special is the commitment of its members and its truly multi-stakeholder perspective – it has been an honour to be part of All.Can’s growth up to now, and we look forward to being part of the initiative’s continuing journey.’

For more information about All.Can, please visit all-can.org or contact the new secretariat at secretariat@all-can.org or +32 2 761 66 73.
To find out more about HPP’s work with All.Can, please see the All.Can project page.