HPP heads to Gastein to host sessions on cancer care and life‑course vaccination

28 September 2018

The Health Policy Partnership is organising two sessions at this year’s European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG), Europe’s leading health policy conference.

Two of HPP’s projects will take centre-stage at this year’s event: multi-stakeholder initiative All.Can, which aims to improve efficiency in cancer care by focusing on what matters to patients, and a project on life-course vaccination.

The All.Can session follows a successful debut at EHFG in 2017, when All.Can made an impact by asking attendees to ‘try wearing a different hat’ and consider how particular stakeholder groups can play a role in improving efficiency in cancer care. This year’s session will draw on preliminary findings from the All.Can patient survey, asking the audience to explore potential solutions to issues identified by patients about where they have seen inefficiencies in their own care.

The life-course vaccination session follows the launch of a policy report and infographics earlier this year, which called for a new approach to vaccination policy that focuses on benefits throughout life, rather than at discrete stages. HPP will launch a brand new animation at the EHFG session, which brings to life the key messages from the report.

The All.Can session, entitled ‘Patient insights for sustainable care – improving efficiency in care for all’, takes place on Thursday 4 October at 9.30–11.00am CET. HPP is organising the session as part of its role as Secretariat for All.Can. The All.Can initiative is supported by Bristol-Myers Squibb (main sponsor), Amgen, MSD and Johnson & Johnson (sponsors), and Varian (contributor), with additional non-financial support from Intacare and GoingsOn.

‘Vaccines for all – leaving no one behind: A life-course approach to vaccination’ takes place on Friday 5 October at 9.30–11.00am CET. HPP is organising the session on behalf of MSD and the Coalition for Life-course Immunisation, with funding from MSD.

For more information or to register for the sessions, please visit https://www.ehfg.org/