New report explores the benefits of electronic product information (ePI) to people, health systems and the environment.

20 March 2024

The Health Policy Partnership (HPP) has collaborated with a group of healthcare experts to publish a report examining the potential benefits of transitioning from paper-based leaflets to electronic product information (ePI) about medicines.

The report, Electronic product information (ePI): securing the future for accessible delivery of medicine information through digitalisation, looks at the shortcomings of paper-based medicine information, with research suggesting that many people find it inaccessible and unclear. Current product information can be poorly suited to people with low literacy, visual impairments or certain disabilities.

Transitioning to ePI would also allow medicine information to be personalised based on people’s needs.

The report also suggests ePI may help health systems and medicine development become more environmentally sustainable. By eliminating the need for medicine information to be reprinted in multiple languages when there is a product update, the industry can massively reduce its consumption of water and paper.

Presenting information digitally could also streamline medicine supply chains, introducing clear cost savings while benefiting both people and the environment.

ePI is still evolving and would require close collaboration among industry, regulatory bodies, governments, healthcare professionals and patient organisations to ensure that it remains an efficient and inclusive tool in digital-first health systems.

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This report was initiated and funded by AstraZeneca. For more details, please see the project page.