New roadmap assists patient organisations in driving the effective implementation of shared decision-making for heart valve disease

23 November 2023

The Health Policy Partnership has partnered with Global Heart Hub (GHH)  to develop a roadmap to support the implementation of shared decision-making in heart valve disease (HVD). Published to coincide with PCR London Valves 2023, the roadmap has been created to equip patient organisations, patient advocates and healthcare professionals across the world with the knowledge and guidance needed to make shared decision-making a reality in HVD care.

Shared decision-making helps people have informed conversations with their healthcare providers, allowing them to choose a treatment option that aligns with their personal values and goals. Currently, shared decision-making is often not routinely available to people living with heart valve disease, despite the benefits it has been shown to have in improving people’s satisfaction with care and quality of life.

Treatment for HVD typically involves fitting a device to either repair or replace the diseased heart valve(s). This makes the decision around treatment options significant, as valve repair or replacement cannot be reversed or adapted in the same way a course of medication can.

Built around six local calls to action, the roadmap adds to GHH’s existing work in heart valve disease by presenting national affiliates with the tools needed to implement shared decision-making in care settings. These tools can be adapted to local contexts. Each call to action offers recommendations on key partnerships, objectives and potential outcome measures.

The roadmap was created in collaboration with 19 multidisciplinary experts from around the world, including heart valve disease patients and advocates, cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, researchers and nurses.

Download the roadmap