Person-centred care: directory of key contributors and global ‘state of play’ report

9 December 2015

The Health Foundation and The Health Policy Partnership have launched a new suite of resources in person-centred care, following a 12-month international environment scan of the field.

Person-centred care is perhaps one of the most influential global discussions in modern healthcare. Certainly, few people would argue against it.

But what does person-centred care really stand for, and why do we need it today?  There is promising evidence that many aspects of person-centred care are improving people’s lives. But there are also many questions and challenges aheadFor example, the key principles behind different models are still subject to much discussion, and good practice models to date have often been developed within the confines of their particular areas (e.g. by setting, or disease).

In response, the Health Foundation commissioned the Health Policy Partnership to lead an international environment scan to identify some of the key contributions in the field, and to build an overarching picture of the ‘state of play’ in person-centred care, not least ongoing research, measurement and implementation. This research resulted in two main outputs:

  • global synthesis report – (‘The state of play in person-centred care’) a full report, and 12 page summary.

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