HPP webinar series

The first webinar in a new series from HPP focused on how to create a digital-first health system.


Digital health holds great promise for all aspects of health and healthcare, with the potential to adopt population health measures, reduce reliance on hospital visits and increase health system efficiency and sustainability.

So far, efforts to digitally transform health systems have often been impeded by barriers around interoperability, governance, gaps in professional training and limited public trust.

Greater use of digital technologies could help restore services to pre-pandemic levels by transitioning from a reactive to a proactive care model. Change of this scale will require a strategic, whole-system approach, with strong engagement from clinicians, patients, health system managers, payers and technology developers.

Project resources

What we’ve achieved

HPP held the webinar A digital-first health system: are we there yet? on 14 July 2022. The event was a moderated discussion with leading experts in data and digital health, focused around several questions at the forefront of the current debate:

  • Is an increasing use of data helping us to deliver more person-centred care?
  • How can we best engage healthcare professionals in the ‘move to digital’?
  • How can we make sure we proactively address the existing digital divide that contributes to health inequalities?
  • What is the role of policy in moving to a digital-first health service?

The conversation covered health system-level planning for sustainable digital healthcare, ensuring equitable access to health information, alleviating concerns about data privacy, seeing digital health as a complement to current healthcare (rather than replacing it), and much more.

Key partners and stakeholders

The webinar featured the following panellists:

HPP Managing Director Suzanne Wait moderated the webinar.

Project funding

This webinar series is run independently by HPP. We received no funding for this work.