Radioligand therapy project publishes journal editorial and conference poster

16 March 2020

HPP has published a journal editorial and conference poster as part of its ongoing project on radioligand therapy.

The editorial, which focuses on policy solutions for the barriers to implementation of radioligand therapy across Europe, has been published in the European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. It was co-authored by several of the experts who contributed to the original policy report.

The authors call for greater integration of nuclear medicine into models of care, workforce planning and hospital resourcing. They also state the need to include radioligand therapy in cancer-related policies and strategies such as Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, and to proactively address healthcare system capacity issues to enable the provision of safe, high-quality care.

The poster focuses specifically on radioligand therapy in neuroendocrine cancers, and was presented as part of the European Neuroendocrine Tumor Society (ENETS) Conference on 11–13 March. Co-authored by members of the steering committee and expert group, it explores the barriers to implementation specific to this rare type of cancer, and details the report’s policy recommendations.

It was initially designed for a physical presentation, but the conference was moved to a virtual model in light of the COVID-19 outbreak so took place entirely online. The poster has been made available online via the ENETS members’ portal and as part of the supplementary material for the journal Neuroendocrinology.

All outputs of the radioligand therapy project can be found on the dedicated website:

For more information about HPP’s role in the project, please see the radioligand therapy project page.