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We understand the health policy landscape, foster intersectoral collaboration, and offer a unique approach to solving nuanced problems.

What makes us different?

  • As specialists in health policy research, we understand the healthcare policy environment, system pressures and gaps in care.
  • We go beyond written reports, by helping to translate recommendations into sustainable policy change.
  • We tackle barriers to help move health systems towards sustainability.
  • We foster collaboration and act as an honest broker among stakeholders, because we know that only integrated solutions last.
  • We care about making a difference to patients and communities by working to ensure that health policies are based on the best available evidence and geared towards improving the lives of people affected by ill health.

‘It’s been a huge privilege to work with HPP on an important international cancer project. Their professionalism, expertise and knowledge on their subject area is exceptional – as is their ability to navigate a complicated global infrastructure of organisational and political engagement in cancer policy. A great eye for detail, and always a focus on results for their clients.’

Daniel Ratchford

Chief Executive, Quality Health

What we offer



Powerful, credible messaging that wins respect

We interrogate the available evidence in a given health topic to clarify the issues at stake. We acknowledge, investigate and explain complex issues. Using decades of health policy experience and proven collaborative methods unique to HPP, we distil nuanced subjects to form accessible, compelling messages on what is working, what is not, and what should change.


An end-to-end service, from rigorous research to high-impact outputs

Our team unites expertise in research, writing, editing and communications, so we can take a project all the way from inception to dissemination. We understand that facts alone are not enough. We turn data into engaging narratives that bring ideas and stories to life, and work with designers to create visually compelling outputs that command the attention of audiences – from policy reports, posters and infographics to presentations, animations and events.


Rapid policy orientation on a health topic

We can make sense of new policy topics, familiarising ourselves with the main issues and arguments, the direction of travel, the identity of key stakeholders, and what options present themselves.


Scoping, building and facilitating multi-stakeholder alliances

We are experienced in developing new relationships and platforms with key stakeholders. We have built, from scratch, powerful initiatives and alliances for change that challenge the status quo. We leverage our longstanding experience of health policy, including years of engagement with leading stakeholders, to hit the ground running in any subject area, build rapport, and win respect for every project.


A high-quality consultancy service at every level

We understand the need for timely, effective and well-organised projects that meet strategic goals. We provide exemplary project management throughout our work, and always deliver on time and on spec. We know there are no off-the-shelf solutions, so we’re nimble and flexible to adjust to each project’s natural evolution. We adhere to the high standards of confidentiality and data security expected of a policy consultancy in the health arena.

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