Sarcoma Policy Checklist

Regions covered:


Completed date:
February 2017
Disease area:
Sarcoma (a family of rare cancers)
Key partners and stakeholders:

Members of the expert group include:
Paolo Casali, Istituto Nazionale Tumori, Italy;
Nora Drove, Eli Lilly & company
Sarah Dumont, Institut Gustave Roussy, France;
Mikael Eriksson, University of Lund, Sweden
Alessandro Gronchi, Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori, Italy and EORTC Soft Tissue and Bone Sarcoma
Bernd Kasper, University of Heidelberg, Germany
Estelle Lecointe, Info Sarcomes, France and SPAEN
Claudia Valverde, University Hospital Vall’ Hebron, Spain
Markus Wartenberg, SPAEN & das Lebenshaus e.V., das Wissenhaus GmbH, Germany
Roger Wilson, SPAEN

The report was endorsed by:
Sarcoma Patients EuroNet (SPAEN)
Info Sarcomes (France)

Signature output:
Sarcoma Policy Checklist - English

About this project

The Sarcoma Policy Checklist was created as a tool to help policymakers improve access to high quality information, care and treatment for sarcoma patients across Europe. It was developed by the Sarcoma Policy Checklist Group of Experts, which consists of leading patient, clinical and industry representatives on sarcoma. The checklist describes five key areas where policymakers may focus their efforts to make the most impact on care for patients:

  • Designated and accredited centres of reference for sarcoma in each country
  • Greater professional training for all health care professionals involved in sarcoma care
  • A multidisciplinary approach to care for every patient with sarcoma
  • Greater incentives for research and innovation
  • More rapid access to effective treatments.

The checklist also aims to help European countries learn from each other, by examining how the policy recommendations across the five priority areas are implemented in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. 

The infographic and report can be downloaded in the following languages:

In April 2018, the expert group developed the work into a peer-reviewed article, published in BMC Cancer.

About the European Parliament Policy Debate:

On the 8th February 2017, the Sarcoma Policy Checklist was launched at a European Parliament policy debate hosted by Marlene Mizzi MEP.  Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Vytenis Andriukaitis provided the keynote address.

The debate highlighted a key issue: inequalities in access to expertise and care persist despite policy advances in many countries, contributing to suboptimal outcomes for patients.

Leading policy-makers, sarcoma experts and relevant stakeholders were invited to exchange views and suggestions that would drive change in the response to sarcoma. Among them were Professor Paolo G. Casali, Coordinator of the JARC and Sarcoma domain leader of the European Reference Network on Rare Adult Cancers (EURACAN); Estelle Lecointe-Artzner, President of Sarcoma Patients EuroNet (SPAEN) and Info Sarcomes (France); Dr Peter Naredi, President of the European CanCer Organisation (ECCO); Mr Antoni Montserrat, Senior Expert for Cancer and Rare Diseases at the European Commission, and Dr Nora Drove, Medical Director on Soft Tissue Sarcoma at Eli Lilly & Company Europe.


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This project was initiated and funded by Lilly.

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