Case study: Heart Failure Policy Network

Heart Failure Policy

HPP leads a pan-European network in heart failure, which has helped national advocates to secure policy commitments through clear, evidence-based messaging tailored to decision-makers.


One in five of us can expect to develop heart failure at some point in our lives. Heart failure is the leading cause of unplanned hospitalisations and the most common cause of all hospitalisations in people over 65. Many hospitalisations are preventable and quality of life can be significantly improved with the right care. However, few policymakers are aware of the growing burden of heart failure and its impact on our health systems, economies and societies.


Heart failure advocates across Europe needed a compelling and evidence-based case for change to engage decision-makers in expanding and reshaping heart failure services. As secretariat for the Heart Failure Policy Network, HPP led the development of The handbook of multidisciplinary and integrated heart failure care, arguably one of the most accessible, comprehensive policy guides to the effective management of heart failure.


The handbook was launched at the European Parliament in 2018, with public endorsements from more than 30 leading organisations. It has inspired national advocates to generate policy submissions and strengthen existing policy platforms. In Spain, advocates used the handbook to secure concrete policy commitments to heart failure in a forthcoming national strategy on cardiovascular health. In Portugal, it was central to a new, multi-stakeholder strategy to transform heart failure care.

Over many years now, the Heart Failure Policy Network has held the flag for heart failure advocates and stakeholders in the policy space across Europe. Led by The Health Policy Partnership, the network has delivered initiatives which have shaped policy in heart failure that never existed before. HPP has stimulated minds and brought key opinion leaders and decision-makers with them. Their impact and legacy is tangible at the national, European and international levels.

Nick Hartshorne-Evans, Founder and Chief Executive of the Pumping Marvellous Foundation