Heart Failure Policy Network seeks information on multidisciplinary and integrated care

19 February 2018

The Heart Failure Policy Network (HFPN) has launched a call for information on multidisciplinary and integrated heart failure care.

HFPN is seeking information from a range of stakeholders in heart failure, on how they have initiated and implemented a transition to a multidisciplinary and integrated model of care. Relevant stakeholders include patient advocates, healthcare professionals, professional societies and academics, among others.

The aim of the call for information is to better understand the challenges of implementing multidisciplinary care in heart failure. It is hoped that real-world examples of the barriers and success factors in establishing such care models can be used to help others implement multidisciplinary and integrated care in their own settings.

A focus of HFPN’s 2018 mission is to showcase proven, high-quality and sustainable models of care, and make the case for change to policymakers. Despite European and national guidelines emphasising the importance of multidisciplinary care for people with heart failure, implementation is suboptimal and varies widely across Europe. Use of, and access to, multidisciplinary teams is highly variable in most European countries, which means many patients are not getting the care and support they need.

HFPN aims to use the information collected from stakeholders, along with other research, to produce a Handbook on multidisciplinary and integrated heart failure care in May 2018.

HPP provides secretariat for HFPN, which was launched in 2015. Its previous initiatives include the Heart Failure Policy Toolkit and the Written Declaration on Heart Failure.

The call for information will be open until 30 March 2018.