Joint webinar highlights the need for patient and public involvement in policymaking

31 May 2023

The Health Policy Partnership (HPP) collaborated with the Health and Global Policy Institute (HGPI) to host the webinar ‘How can patients and the public participate meaningfully in health policymaking?’ The webinar looked at what is needed to ensure patients and the public can feed into policy design in a tangible way.

The event consisted of a panel discussion that explored the usage of participation in policymaking in Europe and Japan, and considered the necessary conditions for public and patient involvement.

The discussion was led by Jody Tate, Director of Research at HPP. She was joined by:

  • Shinsuke Amano, CEO of Group Nexus Japan
  • Penilla Gunther, Founder of FOKUS Patient and former MEP
  • Ryoji Noritake, CEO of HGPI

The discussion was followed by a Q&A, with questions from attendees including ‘How can the public know that their views have been taken into account in the policymaking process?’ and ‘How are patient and public involvement activities funded and supported?’

The event was hosted in both Japanese and English.

To view the recording in Japanese, click here.