Case study: All.Can

healthcare policy research

HPP helped set up All.Can, a transformative international multi-stakeholder alliance aimed at improving efficiency in cancer care.


Estimates suggest that across European health systems 20% of spending is wasted on ineffective interventions. There is evidence that waste and inefficiency represent a considerable and unnecessary cost for patients and their families – in terms of lost time, anxiety and fear, impact on quality of life and financial burden. All.Can was created as a multi‑stakeholder alliance in December 2016 with the aim of improving efficiency in cancer care by focusing on what truly matters to patients.


HPP was initially approached by All.Can’s founding sponsor to set up the initiative and run the secretariat. This involved engaging different stakeholders to become members, reaching out to new funders, defining its strategic vision and workplan, managing the day-to-day administration of All.Can, and supporting the establishment of national All.Can chapters in different countries. We also led on all research, editorial, design, communications and events for All.Can, including an international survey of nearly 4,000 cancer patients and the creation of the All.Can efficiency hub.


During HPP’s three and a half years as secretariat, All.Can grew to have 26 members from across the spectrum of cancer care, including 6 funders and 3 knowledge partners. It also had national chapters in 15 countries around the world, tackling inefficiency in the context of specific national priorities. We supported All.Can’s successful transition to become an NGO and handed over the secretariat in May 2020. We continue to work with All.Can on its efficiency hub and major research projects, including the development of a policy report looking at how to optimise the role of data in cancer care.

HPP played a critical role in creating All.Can, and continues to be a valued partner of All.Can. Their work is always highly relevant, engaging and timely.

Eduardo Pisani, Chief Executive Officer, All.Can International