All.Can efficiency hub

HPP leads on the All.Can efficiency hub, an online collection of best practice examples of cancer care from around the world.

All.Can Cancer care efficiency hub


With the growing prevalence of cancer and ongoing pressures on healthcare budgets, there is a challenge to find sustainable solutions and improve efficiency in cancer care.

Current approaches to cancer care may not be sufficient for tomorrow. We must find new ways to maximise resources, ensuring that the needs of the patient are always at the core of cancer care. This means eliminating elements that bring little or no benefit to patients while prioritising those interventions that bring them most value.

All.Can is an international, multi-stakeholder, not-for-profit organisation working to improve the efficiency of cancer care by focusing on what matters most to patients.

The All.Can efficiency hub is a means of doing this, by collecting as many examples as possible on how to improve efficiency in cancer care. The aim is to make best practice examples readily accessible – and to encourage others to replicate them. It showcases examples, big or small, that have a positive impact on the efficiency of cancer care.

The hub gathers examples from across the entire cancer pathway – from prevention and screening to treatment and follow-up, end-of-life care and survivorship – and for all cancer types. The All.Can efficiency hub is, to our knowledge, the first of its kind.

What we’ve achieved

Having handed over the secretariat role when All.Can International achieved the status of a not-for-profit organisation, HPP has continued to provide research support to All.Can. We lead on the research, writing and editing of the All.Can efficiency hub, sourcing examples of innovations in cancer care from around the world.

In 2022, to mark three years since the efficiency hub was launched, All.Can International commissioned HPP to write a think piece examining the lessons that can be learnt from examples featured in the hub. The think piece highlights a selection of solutions that have been identified to address some of the most prominent challenges facing cancer care.

Project funding

HPP’s work on the efficiency hub is commissioned by All.Can International. For full details of All.Can International’s funding, please see the All.Can website.