HPP enters informal partnership with Marking Public Affairs

16 June 2020

The Health Policy Partnership (HPP) is delighted to announce a new partnership with Marking Public Affairs. Through this partnership, both organisations will combine their skills and expertise in health policy research and analysis, the creation of multi-stakeholder alliances and public affairs to drive policy change.

Marking Public Affairs is run by Christine Marking, who has more than 20 years’ experience in public affairs in the European Union (EU). Christine brings an intimate knowledge and understanding of the evolving policy landscape at the EU level, providing an excellent complement to HPP’s research, analysis and stakeholder engagement portfolio. The organisations have worked together on a number of projects in the past and see this partnership as a consolidation of an ongoing collaboration.

‘It has been highly rewarding working with HPP on a number of projects to date, and I am delighted that our cooperation will be intensified on a more formal basis going forward,’ said Christine Marking. ‘HPP has established itself as a trusted, unique and expert voice in the areas of health policy research and analysis, and I hope that my EU-related experience can contribute to its future activities.’

HPP Managing Director Ed Harding said: ‘We are really excited about this partnership. Christine is an esteemed colleague and has a unique perspective on public affairs within the EU. We are delighted to add her expertise to our work at HPP – it will be of huge value to us to have such an experienced expert “on the ground” in Brussels when developing the EU-focused components of our European projects.’

This partnership does not represent a formal legal agreement, and both parties will continue to operate independently under their respective names and brands.