HPP publishes French translation of Our health in the cloud

29 January 2024

The Health Policy Partnership has released a French version of the report Our health in the cloud: exploring the evolving role of cloud technology in healthcare.

The report, developed with the European Institute for Innovation through Health Data and leading experts, highlights the potential role of cloud technology in achieving health system goals leading to personalised, sustainable and equitable healthcare. It emphasises the importance of cloud technology in the context of current health policy priorities, including health equity, person-centred care, health system sustainability and investment in innovation.

Originally published in 2023, the report is aimed at engaging healthcare professionals and the patient community in discussions and policymaking around cloud technology, to ensure its optimal implementation. The topics raised in the report align with the focus of Les Grandes Tendances de la e-santé, which will see 5,000 people gather in Paris to discuss current advancements in digital health and health technology, and how they can best be integrated into health systems of the future.

Cloud technology can bring about a transformative change in health systems, but its adoption has been slower than in other sectors. To ensure its potential is fully realised in health settings, cloud service providers, governments and organisations already using cloud must work together in a model of shared responsibility, with the interests of patients and the wider public at the forefront of all cloud applications.

To learn more about this project and to download the report in English click here.

Download the French translation