New HFPN report highlights the impact of worsening heart failure

21 April 2022

As Secretariat to the Heart Failure Policy Network (HFPN), The Health Policy Partnership (HPP) is delighted to announce the launch of the Spotlight on worsening heart failure. This new report highlights the impact worsening heart failure has on health systems and people with heart failure, and sets out best practice to improve detection and management of the syndrome. The Spotlight was developed with input from eight heart failure experts from across Europe, including clinicians, heart failure nurses and patient advocates.

Worsening heart failure is the deterioration of heart failure signs and symptoms, which can occur for weeks before hospitalisation is needed. Despite being a major cause of hospitalisation, worsening heart failure is often underdiagnosed and under-recognised. However, with timely detection and appropriate management of the syndrome, there is an opportun­ity to prevent severe heart failure episodes, improve outcomes and enhance people’s quality of life.


Download the report 


This is the latest in the HFPN Spotlight series. Find out more on the HFPN website.