New think piece considers impact of COVID-19 on health and social care

1 July 2020

The Health Policy Partnership (HPP) has published an independent think piece exploring how health and social care systems could be adapted in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The think piece, Balancing risks: adapting health and social care in the wake of COVID-19, explores key strategic policy issues raised by the pandemic. The current crisis has exposed many underlying weaknesses in health and social care, which must be remedied if we are to build more resilient systems to tackle future health emergencies. The think piece draws on our team’s experience and insights into several health policy areas to identify the challenges and seek to understand how health and social care systems should be adapted.

COVID-19 continues to dominate public discourse across the world. As countries begin to emerge from the pandemic, governments will have a unique opportunity to reframe their healthcare systems. The stakes are high, and HPP’s think piece argues that failure to act boldly could leave us facing even greater health challenges than when the pandemic began.

This is the first in a planned series of independent think pieces from HPP. To find out more, visit the project page.