The Heart Failure Policy Network launches the Trailblazers Hub

19 October 2021

As Secretariat to the Heart Failure Policy Network (HFPN), we are pleased to announce the launch of the HFPN Trailblazers Hub. This new online resource showcases innovative examples of system transformation (Care Trailblazers) and political advocacy (Advocacy Trailblazers) in heart failure.

Each example is presented as a case study outlining the challenges faced by local heart failure advocates, the initiatives developed to address these challenges, the impact on heart failure policy and care, and any plans for the future. Each case study was developed with input from experts who were directly involved in the initiative, and features policy tips for other advocates looking to achieve similar results.

The HFPN Trailblazers Hub aims to reach heart failure advocates across Europe to raise the profile of innovators in this space, provide a platform for peer learning and advance heart failure care and policy.

Visit the Trailblazers Hub
For more information about the Heart Failure Policy Network, please visit the HFPN website.