The Lung Cancer Policy Network launches an interactive map of lung cancer screening

9 September 2022

As secretariat to the Lung Cancer Policy Network, HPP is pleased to share the release of the new interactive map of lung cancer screening implementation.

The map showcases a comprehensive database of implementation research for low-dose computed tomography (LCDT) screening, highlighting ongoing and recently completed clinical trials, implementation studies and organised screening programmes around the world.

The resource includes two maps to explore: a pin map providing an overview of studies and screening programmes globally, and a heat map showing the policy context for lung cancer and LDCT screening in each country. A user guide and methodology are available to support exploration of the map.

The interactive map was developed in close collaboration with members of the Lung Cancer Policy Network. Network member Professor David Baldwin of the University of Nottingham, UK, said:

‘The Network’s interactive map enables us to easily understand which countries have committed to implementing LDCT screening, as well as how implementation has been designed to optimise equitable access. It provides information about which high-risk populations are being targeted in screening research, and what proportion of patients were diagnosed with early-stage lung cancer; all vital to help us continue to refine implementation activity and inform best practice.’


Early detection of lung cancer by LDCT screening of healthy, high-risk people can help save lives and reduce the considerable burden of lung cancer on societies. We hope that this map will facilitate the sharing of best practice and guide policy development around using LCDT screening to detect lung cancer.

The map is a living resource that will continue to be updated as new data and programmes are available. The scope of its inclusion criteria will be expanded in future editions.

Explore the map on the Lung Cancer Policy Network website:

View the map